Noctum : Interview with Tobias

NoctumUppsala, Sweden’s Noctum have just unveiled their latest album ‘Final Sacrifice’. thought it was a belter so we had a brief chat with Tobias from the band to see what was happening in the Noctum camp:

Congratulations on ‘Final Sacrifice’, it’s great! How’s the reception to the album been so far?

Thank you. It’s great! All good so far!

There’s a storyline running through the album; what can you tell us about the inspiration for that?

We have decided not to reveal anything particular of the story except that it’s a horror story.

Would you go as far as saying it is a concept album?

Yes, it is a concept album.

The artwork is great. Did you have this commissioned especially for the album?

Yeah, I designed most of it so that it was a good fit to the story.

You’re sound is very classic metal. Is that something you purposely try to achieve or is it just natural?

We know what kind of music we want to create, but it just comes to us in a very natural way.

Who are your main influences throughout the band?

It’s different from each and one of us, mine are (at this moment) Death Breath, WASP, Black Sabbath and King diamond…and Motörhead/Slayer of course!

What are your main influences or themes for song writing?

As a concept lyric writer I think Pink Floyd influenced me and Poe.

For those not too familiar to the band, can you give us a little background information on Noctum?

We started out in 2009, released the debut album in 2010 and then we just played live and had a few line-up changes but It’s troublesome talking about the past. The biography can easily be found almost anywhere, I want to focus on the future…

Given the choice of any band, who would be your ideal touring partners?

Candlemass, Motörhead and Black Sabbath.

What has been Noctum’s career highlight to date?

– Signing with Metal Blade

– Muskelrock 2011

– Nordfest 2013

What does 2014 hold in store for Noctum? Can we expect to see you in the UK?

We would really like to play in the UK, it’s one of my goals so hopefully! We will try to tour as much as possible.