Amon Amarth Interview with Fredrik Andersson

Amon Amarth are ripping it up round Europe headlining the Defenders Of The Faith tour. spoke to drummer Fredrik Andersson ahead of their crushing performance at London’s HMV Forum.

Amon Amarth @ Defenders Of The Faith 2013 (4)

Hi Fredrik, thanks for taking the time to chat to us. You’re on the road at the moment with Defenders Of The Faith, how’s it been going so far, how’s this run been for you guys ?

Very good, I mean. It’s only 5 shows here in the UK, we did a couple of shows in Europe before this but so far it’s been really good

You’re enjoying it then ?

Very much

It’s great to see you guys back here, because the last time I saw you across here was for Downoad, which was a slightly shorted performance than a lot of people were expecting.

Yeah, including us ! It’s great to be back and to be able to play a full headline show.

So what happened there, was it getting the ship on the stage ?

No, there was something but we don’t actually know really what happened.

Amon Amarth @ Defenders Of The Faith 2013 (2)You guys have been around for a long time, do you get used to things like that, or does it annoy you ?

It’s definitely annoying, you never get used to it and it’s very frustrating when you’re in Battle Mode standing on the side of the stage and ready to go on.

Do you have rituals before you go on stage, do things like that mess those up ?

I think everybody has, but then you just go in and do whatever you usually do.

You guys are part of a great tradition of Scandinavian heavy metal, why do you think that there is so much great metal, black, death, all genres coming from that area ?

I don’t think it’s just metal, it’s probably the same for all genres. At school everyone picks an instrument, has to pick an instrument, so it’s not hard to find other people to play with.

Because everyone is a musician ?


You guys draw your lyrical influences from the whole viking mythology, It’s a fascinating subject and something that’s peculiarly Scandinavian…. There were archaic gods everywhere else but it’s endured more over in Sweden. You don’t get many British bands singing about our ancient gods.

There’s been a couple

There’s has, but not the same sort of range that you guys have.

I think you get interested in it as it’s such a violent thing. *laughs*

And the swords and the shields and the thunder fits the music, it fits your music particularly well,

Yes, the knowledge and culture all fits. It’s part of the culture I guess. The Greeks had their gods too, but they were maybe not so interesting.

Or certainly less violent… When you’re writing for a new album where do the ideas come from, is there someone in the band who is the historian ?

Yeah our singer knows a lot about the history and mythology.

Amon Amarth @ Defenders Of The Faith 2013 (3)Looking forward, the big announcement that’s about to be made, or by the time this comes out it will have been made, is that you guys are coming back here for a festival show next Summer… A return visit to Bloodstock Open Air ?

Yeah, we had a blast when we played there last time. We played there, one of the first ones when it was indoors so it’ll be good to be back.

If there’s a setting in the UK that’s perfect for Amon Amarth it’s Bloodstock, it’s a metal fan’s metal festival.

Yeah, we like it there and we’re looking forward to it.

It’s a fitting accolade, Amon Amarth are on top form at the moment. The last couple of albums have been getting some of the best reviews of your careers, is it difficult to keep that motivation going rather than settle back, I mean people will always come to the shows but you’re always trying to push, always trying to develop ?

If you feel you have done the best you can ever do then there’s no point in going on. All the bands going round in the scene today are pushing forward.

It’s certainly an exciting time to be a fan of heavy metal. Thank you very much for taking the time to speak to and we’re really looking forward to seeing you guys on stage later.