Kreator : Dying Alive

Kreator Dying Alive CackBlabbathThe renewed interest in thrash metal that erupted with the so-called ‘New Wave of Thrash’ has brought us new thrash bands by the bucket load over the last half decade or so. Some of them have even been pretty good. The best thing about this resurgence in interest is that it has put the spotlight on the originators once more. In some cases this has given those original bands a good old kick up the arse too. Testament are making some fantastic music that easily stands up to the golden era and in this case: Kreator are well and truly kings of the Teutonic scene once again.

‘Phantom Antichrist’ may not have the constant all-out break-neck aggression of Kreator’s formative years but it was still a massive slab of quality heavy metal. Understandably it is showcased here quite heavily and it gives Kreator the chance to broaden their live show sound somewhat. It adds a bit of balance…an hour and a half of the likes of ‘Ripping Corpse’ would take its toll. Having said that; ‘Civilisation Collapse’, from the aforementioned latest album, will take your head off.

We are not missing any of the good old thrashers here either.  ‘Extreme Aggression’, ‘Pleasure to Kill’ and the closing double punch of ‘Flag of Hate/Tormentor’ are all delivered with the appropriate levels of venom.

All in all it’s a well-balanced set-list that is slickly delivered by the well-oiled and expertly engineered German thrash machine.

Recorded from just one show; a sold out Oberhausen on their Phantom Antichrist European tour. This is a document of just how many massive tunes Kreator have in the locker and just how devastating they can sound live. It’s also a cool appetiser for 2014’s shows. is looking forward to seeing them at Hammerfest already and most likely elsewhere too. ‘Dying Alive’ has excited the taste buds even more…