Attica Rage Live at Hard Rock Hell VII

Attica Rage (2)Attica Rage will be familiar to just about anyone who has had the pleasure of spending time in a North Wales holiday camp in the name of rock and metal. They’ve become Hammerfest’s unofficial house band and here they are again in Pwllheli for Hard Rock Hell VII.

There’s a good reason as to why Attica Rage are invited back so often. They are the perfect soundtrack to a boozy weekend, and Hard Rock Hell is one hell of a boozy weekend. The rough and ready looking foursome are by far the loudest and heaviest band to grace the stage on this opening Thursday night. They complete a well balanced line-up that includes the classic tones of Bernie Torme and the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. Throw Attica Rage in there and you have quite a contrast…

By the time the band appear for their 11:00pm set time, everyone is well oiled for a good time and craving that extra crunch in their music, which Attica Rage provide by the shovel-full. The hard hitting Scots have more than a little bit in common with Motörhead; especially in the volume department but also the general juggernaut of rock’n’roll attitude adds to that feeling.

Attica Rage (3)As it now appears that Lemmy is not an immortal superhuman (just a superhuman); we know who will be there to carry the mantle for no-nonsense British rock’n’roll when Motörhead hang up their umlauts.

Attica Rage get heads banging with the likes of ‘Long Ride Home’ and ‘Killer Carousel’ and put in a typically ballsy and powerful performance. Things get a markedly less hairy and a lot more pretty when the Cirque De Rock fire-breathing girls make an appearance mid-set to spice up the show. That’s just a short distraction from the barrage of heavy tunes that Attica Rage have to throw at us.

Frontman, Jonny Parr, promises that Attica Rage have “Big Plans for 2014” before getting back down to business for a finale cover of The Osmonds: ‘Crazy Horses’.

That marks the end of another successful performance from the Glasgow ragers. We’ll see you next year…