Enuff Z’Nuff Live at Hard Rock Hell VII

Enuff Z Nuff Live at HRH VII 4Straight out of the “Oooh, I didn’t know they were still going” school of 80s metal bands, Enuff Z’Nuff were an intriguing addition to the Hard Rock Hell VIII bill. Every at HRH they serve up bands like this, names remembered from the smokey clubs of the 80s, and they often provide some of the best performances of the weekend… So could Enuff Z’Nuff add to a roll of “still got it” HRH honour that has included the likes of LA Guns and Pretty Boy Floyd ?

Well, no. not entirely.

This was a classic case of a setlist that was aimed at the band’s fans, with nothing to drag in the attention of the more casual festival observer. The HRH faithful would almost certainly have heard songs like New Thing and Fly High Michelle “back in the day”, and you can’t help but think that the early addition of one or other of these would have helped to raise the crowd’s interest, but it was not to be.

Enuff Z Nuff Live at HRH VII 3To be fair, the on stage dynamic wasn’t helped by the fact that a faulty pedal board meant that guitarist Tory Stoffregen was connected to his amp by a ridiculously short lead… he was kind of tied to the spot by it, poor bugger.

It was a frustrating set, with a good many people drifting off from about the half way point. Things did improve towards the end when the more familiar hits were aired but by the time the band got round to it a substantial portion of the crowd had decided that Enuff was indeed Z’Nuff and left.

The appreciative die hard fans no doubt left happy with another encounter with their heroes, but I don’t think too many new friends were made here today.