Fatal Smile Live at Hard Rock Hell VII

Fatal Smile Live at HRH VII 4

It’s been a few years since cackblabbath.online have had the pleasure of catching Fatal Smile live, in fact three long years have passed since the hard rocking Swedes played Hard Rock Hell back in the Prestatyn days.

Fatal Smile Live at HRH VII 18Fatal Smile 2013 are a quite different band from then though, undergoing something of an image makeover in the past three years, all facepaint and attitude in their present “21st Century Freaks” guise. One thing that hasn’t changed, fortunately, is the band’s razor sharp ability to forge a riff. It’s not just the music though, I do like a bit of theatrical flourish with my metal, and Fatal Smile supplied that in spades.

There were a load of really great bands gracing the Hard Rock Hell second stage in 2013, but for me Fatal Smile were one of the most memorable for all the right reasons. Whatever stylistic route the band may be on, they never put a foot wrong as they fired up the appreciative HRH VII crowd.

Hip Motherfuckers indeed..