Fake Club Live at Hard Rock Hell VII

Fake Club Live at HRH VII 2 Now I know that you may have some preconceived notions about what the term “all girl band” may mean, but our first impression was that there is nothing cutesey or demure about Fake Club, especially when they slip into full on “rock the fuck out” mode. Having a pre-festival read up on the band, the self-appointed label “spice girls with instruments” didn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence, but for a comparatively new act to step into an event like Hard Rock Hell at the last minute takes confidence and guts. It’s an opportunity that many a band would kill for, and one that Fake Club grabbed with both hands.

Fake Club Live at HRH VII 12While they still have a way to go in terms of stage presence and connecting with the audience, singer Rosie did spend a lot of time with her back to us, and I bet she won’t be wearing a t-shirt quite THAT cut off in front of a room full of predominantly middle aged, predominantly male and predominantly drunk rock fans again, there is no denying the raw musical talent that Fake Club possess. The twin guitar attack of Chloe Askew and Carmen Vandenberg gives Fake Club a razor-wire edge that will be the envy of many of their peers, and even at this early stage in their careers they have some decent punked-up tunes.

So, it’s a daunting prospect winning over the HRH faithful, but Fake Club certainly gave it their all. OK at times it may have come across with an air of slightly affected anarchy and attitude but this was their chance to create a powerful statement of intent. Life is all about first impressions and Fake Club certainly left the fans down at the barrier wanting more.

Not quite the finished article yet, but certainly one to watch out for in the future.