Wildside Riot Live at Hard Rock Hell VII

_DSC0073_1After the Thursday night excesses, it’s a bright and early start over on the Jagermeister stage. Friday’s list of bands is a long one and first in the firing line is Wildside Riot. The Birmingham sleaze rockers have the task of pulling in a crowd and trying to tease out a reaction from the hungover looking masses at the unthinkable time of midday.

cackblabbath.online along with plenty more weary looking souls have made it, and we are damn glad we put in the effort. Wildside Riot are just what is needed to blow off the cobwebs and get the blood pumping again.

Looking somewhere between 80’s glam and the previous night’s theme of cirque de rock, the band soon get some stiff necks moving again and persuade some fists into the air.

Lead singer, Rocky, attacks from the front. Prowling the stage and working the crowd to keep everyone’s attention. He looks the part as he conducts proceedings; slowly ridding himself of his get-up to reveal his flaming tattoos and working his way through his impressive collection of eye-wear. The visual glam and sleaze is definitely taken care of by the guitarists however; especially Joss, who has a massive…hairstyle.

_DSC0077_1Still here in the Freakshow’ is an ideal starting point for the day and ‘All Hail the Wasted’ is just as fitting for an event like Hard Rock Hell. They deliver their material with real sleaze attitude and even though they are not the most polished of bands, they’re a genuine good time lot and they keep the crowd hooked throughout. It’s the closer of ‘Wildside Riot’ that goes down best of all however, marking an end to a very successful opening set/alarm call for the Pwllheli faithful.

Wildside Riot’s lunchtime slot was perhaps one of the least attractive of them all but they made the most of being the sole attraction and didn’t hold back on their showmanship considering the time of day.

cackblabbath.online will be keen to see these chaps again. The sooner the better!