Groan Live at Hard Rock Hell VII

Groan at HRH VII 19

Must admit I was looking forward to catching up with’s favourite “f*cking hippies” and purveyors of Sabbath worshiping Doom’n’Roll, Groan. It’s been a while since we’ve managed to catch them live so Hard Rock Hell presented the perfect opportunity to see what the guys had been up to.

Since we last saw Groan there have been a few changes in personnel, and the HRH lineup saw founder members Bassist Leigh and messianic frontman Mazzereth joined by guitarist James Beedham (and his big fan, for the wind in the hair look) and drummer Zel Kaute to entertain us with old favourites and, hopefully, a taster of what is to come with some tracks from the new E.P. which is out soon…

Groan at HRH VII 23And while we’re on the subject of Ms. Kaute, you know the phrase “hits like a girl” ? Well anyone who uses that has obviously never seen Zel pounding 7 bells out of the poor drum kit.

Groan are a band who make no attempt to disguise their influences, if Ozzy Osbourne had a boogie-transplant, or if Geezer’s hips would take it, then Sabbath would be a lot like this. It was interesting watching one particularly drunk reveler heading towards the bar haltedin his tracks by set opener (and first of the new tracks) Women of Doom. He stopped, looked at the stage, headbanged twice then fell over. THAT IS THE POWER OF DOOM’N’ROLL!!!

Whereas other Doom bands always want to slow things down, Groan have a habit of kicking into something slightly more upbeat from time to time. Magic Man and a song which Mazzereth introduced as being about “Fire, and Gods” (called Gods Of Fire, in case you were wondering) were in danger of getting people actually moving their feet…

Dancing, at a rock festival, surely not.