Phil Campbell’s All-Starr Band live at Hard Rock Hell VII

Phil Campbell at HRH VII 2With the previously unstoppable Lemmy being forced to take some time off, you’d have thought that Phil Campbell might fancy a bit of a holiday after 28 years of blasting eardrums with Motorhead. Well, apparently not as he is filling his time during the rock’n’roll legend’s hiatus by hitting the road with the nattily titled “Phil Campbell’s All Starr Band”.

This new project sees Phil joined on stage by a top-notch band of young musicians as they blast out a fine mixture of rock classics and, of course, classic Motorhead tunes. The atmosphere in the main stage had been special all weekend, and the warmth of the reaction that Phil and his mates received when they came on stage.

Phil Campbell at HRH VII 1Ok, Ok, I know the “covers band” finger could well be pointed at PCASB, as it could at Snakecharmer who were also playing this weekend, and Motorhead songs without Lemmy could be lacking a certain gravel edged something but, hell, it’s a music festival and if Whitesnake and Motorhead have one thing in common, it’s that they know how to write a tune.

Press duties meant that I missed the first half of the band’s set, which was a bad thing, but I did arrive just in time to see them rip into my all time favourite ‘head track, Orgasmatron, with frontman Neil Starr doing a sterling job of emulating Lemmy’s dulcet tones.

Day. Made.

The delivery may have lacked some of the edge that only Mr. Kilminster can give it, but it wasn’t far off and no one headbanging down the front seemed to mind. Over The Top bowled along at a fair old lick before Phil announced they were going to play a rare Motorhead song we may not have heard before… think it was called Killed By Death or something.

Having missed (apparently) impressive covers of Cat Scratch Fever and Nutbush City Limits in the first half of the set, I do think that seeing the band jack up the tempo in Jumping Jack Flash made up for it… A bit.

Phil and the band are gigging up and down the country at the moment, and I’d strongly suggest you go see them, I certainly intend to when they next pass Sheffield way. Legendary guitarist, awesomely talented band and some killer tunes… what’s not to like ?