The Treatment Live at Hard Rock Hell VII

_DSC0761_1So, Saturday at 1 o’clock and we’re (almost) ready to rock again with The Treatment on Stage 1. It feels a tad early to be rocking this hard and this loud, but what better way to get back into the zone – so down the front I went for the full-on Treatment effect.

Kicking off with a storming ‘Drink, F*ck, Fight’ the band are clearly up for a high octane set. Despite it being Saturday lunchtime, they’re not holding back and close their second song ‘Don’t Look Down’ so flamboyantly it could be the end of the show! But there’s plenty more to come with a set packed mostly with songs off their last album ‘This Might Hurt’.

_DSC0704_1Just a few weeks before this gig, the band had said a sad goodbye to lead guitarist Ben Brookland for family reasons, but that disruption doesn’t seem to have affected the band’s live performance at all, they sound as tight as they ever did. The Treatment also seem to have a makeover since I last saw them live – less flowing locks and more of a leather rock/punk thing going on.

With the crowd now alive and kicking the band keep the energy levels up with ‘I Bleed Rock n Roll’ and ‘The Doctor’ amongst others, before we get slightly more laid back (well, as laid back as The Treatment ever get!) with ‘I Fear Nothing’. The set rounds off with the rousing ‘Shake the Mountain’. Phew – that was the musical equivalent of a double vodka Redbull.

The Treatment have a new album coming out in February 2014 so look out for that – and if you see they’re playing a venue near you (which is highly likely, given that they always seem to be working hard on one tour or another) and you like good old rock n roll, then go and see them – you won’t be disappointed.