Spit Like This Live at Hard Rock Hell VII

Spit Like This Live at HRH VII 28We’ve been meaning to catch up with Spit Like This for a while now, and at Hard Rock Hell VII the opportunity finally arrived to check ’em out. Well as they’d made the long drag up to Pwlheli from the south of England it would be rude not to. It’s a fact of live that sometimes festival running orders can be a little unkind to smaller bands, and I did wonder how many folk would come see SLT as they coincided almost exactly with the small matter of Airbourne’s headline set on the main stage..

Well, I suppose if you want the musical opposite of antipodean route one metal, then good old English glam punk isn’t a bad choice, and the decent crowd had packed into the second stage was a testament to how popular SLT are becoming.

And the first impression? Well Spit Like This are a whole lot of fun live. Lord Zion is a proper old school frontman, I’d imagine I’m not the first to make the obvious comparison to Iggy Pop, but he’s certainly got that vibe going on in terms of intensity and stage presence… he’s no slouch in the vocals department either which is always a bonus, for a singer.

Of course off to his left he has the inimitable Vikki Spit, a small girl with a big bass. You’ll know her on stage, she’s the one being followed by the lenses of every photographer… “These photographers are trying to take photos of my knickers. Well the joke’s on them…. I’m not wearing any”

Spit Like This Live at HRH VII 23Anyone who has seen the band before knows what’s coming, but as a SLT noob I was delighted when things took a turn for the weird half way through, with a cover of Sweet Transvestite from Rocky Horror. This was a song that apparently almost didn’t make it into the set, with Zion saying before the show “Dunno whether to play Sweet Transvestite. Every time I think everyone must be bored with it by now, we get lynched for not playing it”.

Well regular fans may get bored with it, but us newcomers to the SLT party thought it was a brilliant inclusion. It just kinda fits the band’s image perfectly, and you can’t beat a good cheesy cover version to get the slightly inebriated up and dancing.

Spit Like This are passionate about what they do, and by fuck they do it well. Whether it’s the camp silliness of Sweet Transvestite or the dark and angry Dead To Me Now (a song about someone they sacked for, as Vikki so succinctly puts it, being a cunt) Spit Like This never take their foot off the gas, and you can’t help but get swept along by the whole occasion.

They’ll never be everyone’s cup of tea, but then again, I don’t imagine they’d want to be. If you get the chance to check them out you should, they may just be yours.