Crucufied Barbara Live at HRH VII

Crucified Barbara at HRH VII 2“All girl” metal bands are getting more and more common, but “all girl” metal bands who can actually crank it up and kick ass live are still a comparatively rare commodity. The powers that be behind the Hard Rock Hell extravaganza always seem to turn up the best of them though. Finland’s Barbe-Q-Barbies played the HRH AOR festival earlier this year and the main stage of HRH VII was graced by their neighbours from across the Baltic Sea, Stockholm’s Crucified Barbara.

In the past the band have been championed by none other than Lemmy from Motorhead, a man who knows a killer Rock’n’Roll band when he sees one, and Crucified Barbara’s profile has undeniably been elevated by that association. HRH presented us with our first opportunity to see the band in about 6 years, so it was going to be interesting to see how they have developed.

So to speak…

The set opens with a torrent of percussion before the distorted buzz saw riffs kick in and we’re off, recent single The Crucifier sounding simply huge through the Pwlheli PA system. There’s not much soft and fluffy about Crucified Barbara, it’s brash, loud and in your face with not much in the way of subtlety, either in the songs or in the delivery… which in this case is a good thing !!!

Crucified Barbara at HRH VII 12You know pretty much what to expect from the song titles, and Crucufied Barbara don’t disappoint… Sex Action, In Distortion and “breakthrough” single Jennyfer keep the place pounding, while the raw energy of Motorfucker singes the facial hair of the fans packed in down against the barrier.

Festivals are all about bands enjoying themselves, and Crucified Barbara looked like they were having a blast. If you’re going to cover a classic, you have to hit it full on, and that’s exactly what they did for Killed By Death.

Motorhead never looked this good.