BongCauldron : BongCauldron

bongcauldron-coverLeeds based BongCauldron are purveyors of some down and dirty scuzzy riffs. Doomy and angst ridden, their debut E.P. is about to trudge into the new year like a hungover mammoth.

Signed to the very suitably named SuperHot Records, believes this to be a re-release and remix of their debut. We’ve never heard it before and there’s a good chance you haven’t either, so we’ll start from scratch with this one!

A name like BongCauldron summons up images of some dope-smoking beardy stoner worshippers summoning up some big doom riffs and wallowing in glorious feedback. Well, we don’t know what they’re smoking but music-wise, the name fits perfectly.

The E.P. starts off with the aforementioned screech of feedback before plunging headlong into the fuzz coated doom riffs of ‘Tree Wizard’.  The band’s abominable cave goblin, bass player and singer introduces himself vocally with a strained roar that fits snugly with the abrasive soundtrack.

Ben’s vocals echo stoner-metal greats like Matt Pike but also incorporate some hardcore blast when the pace picks up from time to time. The riffs are towering throughout with the rhythm section splicing and battering their way through them to create some chaotic frenzy.

All five tracks on here are prime hits from the stoner bong, but the star of the show has to be the marvellously titled ‘Gimp Jig’. A patiently repetitive riff kicks around until the mid-section where the mood becomes expectant and the track starts to build up to the inevitable explosion of roaring and mountainous riffing. It dies off and you think it’s done, but the track reinvents itself with plenty more tempo shifts that lead straight into the stoner-boogie of its climax.

Track it down, if it doesn’t make you grin from ear to ear, then BongCauldron aren’t for you… and you’re a pillock.

It’s a healthy market out there in the UK stoner and doom scene.  Bands like Conan are moving up fast and getting major label attention and there are more and more small to medium sized festivals catering exclusively for the darker side of things. A cynic might say there are too many doom and stoner bands out there, but here at CB we’re glass half-full types.

This E.P. proves BongCauldron have more than enough going in their favour to stand out from the crowd.