Sister Live at Hard Rock Hell VII

Sister LIve at HRH VII 12Stockholm’s sleazy gutter punks, Sister, have not been strangers to UK shores during 2013. They’ve been over here twice with Wednesday 13, but he’s let them out alone for Hard Rock Hell today. It’s the Jagermeister stage tonight for Sister but it won’t be long until these four are occupying much bigger stages, because they are pretty damn awesome to witness playing live.

Sister are four non-blondes with some serious stage energy. Blacker than black hair, full black studded leathers and a touch of black eye-liner and lipstick is the look. All finished off with some corpse paint to complete the image (more glam early-Motley Crue paint rather than Immortal, mind you). It’s an image that certainly makes them stand out on a bill consisting of Grifter, Logan and Phil Campbell and co.

Frontman Jamie is a ball of energy onstage. He prowls from one side to the other, thrusts forward towards the crowd, points and punches the air to Sister’s anthems such as latest single ‘Sick’. Every time he moves he emits a strange cloud of dust too, which assumes is some make-up or hair product. Unless he sleeps in a Hoover bag…anyway, it looks quite effective.

Sister LIve at HRH VII 19As for the music, well it lives up to the image. Lots of Crue and Skid Row inspired anthems to get the blood pumping but with some Scandinavian heaviness and some horror punk attitude (courtesy of Uncle Wednesday, no doubt) chucked in too. There are plenty of people packed in to see them too and they get heads banging across the broad range of t-shirts on display in the crowd. You can only surmise that they’ve converted a few more people to their cause tonight.

Sister have been putting in some hard work on the road recently, no doubt recruiting plenty of new fans every night on today’s performance. They’ve got a new album in the bag and on the way in 2014, so it probably won’t be too long until they are back again. CB can’t wait!