Arthemis Live at Hard Rock Hell VII

_DSC0670_1The final day of Hard Rock Hell for 2013 and are up bright and early (midday) for Main Stage openers, Arthemis. Krusher welcomes them onstage with the introduction of “They’re not hard to miss because they’re Art-hem-is”. It’s too early for this…

He also tells us that the band have come a long way since playing The Vic back in Prestatyn a few years back. We all have, Pwllheli is an extra hour and a half down the bloody road!

Seriously though, Arthemis look more than comfortable on the big stage today. Being the first on stage, the crowd is somewhat thin to start, but as the set progresses people start to pour through the doors to check out some lunchtime metal. Fabio dons a fedora for the occasion but the rest of the band keep things metal. Especially Andy who cracks out some squealing solos to blow the cobwebs off.

The set is hard hitting metal, but Fabio adds some melodic elements with his power-tinged vocals. The likes of ‘Still Awake’ and the closer of ‘Vortex’ are great examples of what the band can do. The Italian mob put on an energetic and enthusiastic display getting the day off to a flyer.

Both band and crowd seemed to enjoy this one and Fabio signs of by beaming that the UK is “Like our second house”.

Bloody show-offs…