Desert Storm Live at Hard Rock Hell VII

_DSC1053_1Desert Storm are firmly in charge of providing the stoner blues over on the Jagermeister stage this Saturday. There’s a healthy gathering in the second stage arena but they do suffer a little from the Black Spiders set clashing with the start of theirs. People start to trickle through after fifteen minutes or so to make the turnout a lot more respectable.

The band deal in no-nonsense thunderous stoner blues. They are a jeans and t-shirt band if ever there was one and – as they say – Desert Storm let the music do the talking.

The first thing that hits you about Desert Storm is Matt Ryan’s voice. have caught up with the band before playing with the likes of Karma To Burn and The Witches Drum, but it’s easy to forget just how powerful his pipes are. Taking Clutch vocalist Neil Fallon’s throaty bark to the next level; Matt’s roar weighs in somewhere between Matt Pike and Macho Man Randy Savage.

This all compliments the music perfectly. They play a brand of blues-heavy fuzz that again can be compared to Clutch, but again they turn it up a notch. They are a ferocious lot.

They bring out plenty of new (ish) songs from their awesome ‘Horizontal Life’ album. ‘Shadow of an Eagle’ and ‘Astral Planes’ are prime cuts of Desert Storm clatter. There’s little in the way of let-up in the set. It’s a constant barrage of red-blooded metal.

Matt tries a mini stand-up routine at one point in between songs but perhaps he should stick to the singing…

‘Enslaved in the Icy Tundra’ is a giant of a song. The epic lumbering riffs are a perfect way to end the set and give the HRH faithful’s necks a rest. Stormin’ Norman wouldn’t know what had hit him with this lot…