Massive Wagons Live at Hard Rock Hell VII

Massive Wagons (8)Back by popular demand (CB assumes); Massive Wagons are the band to get Hard Rock Hell VII underway. Pwllheli doesn’t mess about when it comes to getting the party started and there are loads of people and an unnerving amount of clowns milling around ready for the very first band of the festival. We’ve obviously got a knowledgeable crowd in attendance as Massive Wagons are not ones to miss. should know, we bump into them at least once a month!

The Carnforth five-piece are essentially just a great rock band. They mix up some gritty hard rock that has the ring of The Almighty but with a little bit of T-Rex glam thrown in. They’re the sort of band that have a bag full of familiar tunes on first listen and ones that you can’t help but move to.

Frontman, Baz, is the showman of the band but he balances that out with some good old fashioned rock’n’roll rebellion with song intro’s like “Fuck the fucking man”.

Massive Wagons (6)The temperature soon rises as Massive Wagons blitz through their set. There’s plenty of heads banging throughout the crowd and the band make a great soundtrack to start the long weekend of beer drinking.

The party atmosphere is ramped up when they throw in a their familiar cover of ‘Jailhouse Rock’ towards the end of their opening ceremony of a set. A set that is a great introduction to the weekend and blows the dust off Hafan Y Mor holiday park ready for a weekend of headbanging.

It’s all over too quickly, but Hard Rock Hell is officially up and running…