Jameson Raid Live at Hard Rock Hell VII

Jameson Raid (9)Terry Dark and his Jameson Raid colleagues smashed the Jagermeister stage early on in Friday’s proceedings. The four-piece consisted of two brand new members to the band, but you would never guess from the typically slick performance and great chemistry between them.

Their hard rock blast combines some of their historical NWOBHM roots but with an attitude that pre-dates even that movement. They have a punk ‘stick it to the man’ stance with politically charged songs given a fiery introduction by Terry. He provides a magic mix of anger and likeable bizarreness throughout the set and the interplay between Pete and Dave amounts to quite a show.  New drummer, Lars, powers through the set like he’s been behind the drums for years.

They get a plug in for their new E.P. available through Pledge Music and unveil a new track from the release. ‘9 Reasons’ sounds like a winner and shows that Jameson Raid are not just on a nostalgia trip today, they’re still ploughing forward. The crowd lap up everything that the band throw at them, new or old, and Jameson raid were a cracking lunch time treat for the HRH masses.