Chantelle’s Top 5 Live Performances of 2013

2013 has been a fantastic year for music. Being one of’s busiest years for festivals and gigs, there has been an awful lot of live performances to choose from. Below are listed my top 5 personal highlights of the year ranging from a relatively unknown band playing in a living-room for charity, right up to one of the biggest and most influential metal bands of the last 20 years headlining a festival.

5) Excellent Cadaver’s performance for Oxjam in Dundee.

This event took place back in October and it has remained a massive high point of my year. Seeing a band as loud and as heavy as Excellent Cadaver play in someone’s living room was a spectacular sight. Performing to an audience there by invite only from the house owners and the band themselves, there was a real mix of people in the small crowd… some of whom it is safe to say had never seen a metal band before! That’s what made this event so special though – People coming together in the name of charity and experiencing something totally new.

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4) The St. Pierre Snake Invasion at Y-Not Festival.

This band were a complete diamond in the rough find for me at Y-Not Festival. Impressing me instantly with their energy, passion and ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude, they have remained a highlight of my year since seeing them live back in August. A real stand out band at what had been quite a tame festival musically for me – I would highly recommend seeing these boys in the flesh.

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3) Shining at Damnation Festival.

Norway’s Shining came recommended to me by the mighty King Ov Hell from God Seed. They were a band I had never heard of before and all I knew about them was that they played Black Metal Jazz. Until Damnation Festival, I didn’t even really know what to expect from Black Metal Jazz! Everything about their performance was amazing. The talent of the guys in this band is just incredible and seeing a saxophone solo live on stage at a festival like Damnation was something I honestly never thought I’d see.  Absolutely brilliant!

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Katatonia-8-1024x6822) Katatonia at Damnation Festival.

This was a really special moment for me. After being a fan of Katatonia for several years but never managing to catch them live, this was always going to be a highlight of Damnation Festival for me. Once I found out however that the band were playing the entirety of my favorite album, Viva Emptiness, my excitement for their set was taken to a whole other level. Most importantly… on the night they did not disappoint. The set was absolutely flawless and getting to interview front-man Jonas was just the icing on the cake.

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1) Fozzy at the Cathouse in Glasgow.

The highly deserved top spot for my highlights of 2013 goes without a doubt to Fozzy. For a band who I had always assumed were only famous due to singer Chris Jericho being a WWE legend, I was forced to eat my words when I saw them perform live at the Cathouse. Performing a set full of songs which were not only catchy, they were surprisingly heavy and technical in places, they are 100% a band who deserve the recognition they receive. After having the pleasure to meet the band afterwards and witnessing first hand how lovely they all are also, this will remain a very special night for me for a long time to come.

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