2013 Year End Report : Savage Messiah


In one word, sum up the past 12 months for the band.


What’s been the highlight of 2013 ?

Definitely finishing the new album and  being really pleased with the end results. We’ve picked up more shows this year than any other, so even though we’re still not touring as much as we want to be, there’s improvement, so all in all 2013 hasn’t been too bad for us.

And what part of it would you rather forget about ?

The lack of tours really, but things are starting to improve so hopefully I won’t be saying the same thing next year.

Looking back 12 months, do you think you’ve achieved what you set out to ?

Our goal was to write the best Savage Messiah record that we could and I think we’ve done that. We’ve also been developing our stage show and we’re definitely moving in the right direction, so I think we’ve done ok. You’d always like to do better, but that’s the way it is.

On the live scene, what’s the best gig you’ve been to 2013 ?

Testament at Bloodstock was a highlight for me, the wintersun tour was really good also. The tour we’re currently on with Havok has been really good too. My absolute favourite though was Maiden England at the O2.

Loads of great stuff out in 2013, what’s your favourite album from the past 12 months ?

I liked that album from Holy Grail called Ride the Void.

Right, some questions for your crystal ball…

Looking into your crystal ball, who do you think are going to be the hot bands to watch out for in 2014 ?

Savage Messiah…obviously :p

And what are your ambitions, where would you like your band to be in 12 months time ?

To have gotten about 200 shows under our belt, that would be awesome.

Nearly done.. If you had one wish for 2014, what would it be ?

That we adopt sound money, limited government and free market principles in the UK. Although there’s more chance of Joff exposing himself on stage, oh wait…

And, finally, it’s almost resolution time. What promises are you going to make yourself for 2014 ?

I don’t really do resolutions, but if I did it would be to not make any more resolutions.

And how long will it be before you break them ?