2013 Year End Report : The More I See

the-more-see-header2In one word, sum up the past 12 months for the band.


What’s been the highlight of 2013 ?

Filming our video on the Star Wars set/location

And what part of it would you rather forget about ?

Scratching our van haha

Looking back 12 months, do you think you’ve achieved what you set out to ?

Yes we have , we have had a busy year increasing our fan base and preparing our album which was released this August.

Loads of great stuff out in 2013, what’s your favourite album from the past 12 months ?

Killswitch Engage – Disarm The Discent

Right, some questions for your crystal ball…

Looking into your crystal ball, who do you think are going to be the hot bands to watch out for in 2014 ?

Rival Sons

And what are your ambitions, where would you like your band to be in 12 months time ?

To have played the big festivals and get some good tours under the belt and a new video from the latest album !

Nearly done.. If you had one wish for 2014, what would it be ?

To be the 3rd headliner alongside Maiden and Metallica haha … If only

And, finally, it’s almost resolution time. What promises are you going to make yourself for 2014 ?

To write more original music that’s pure and fresh while not repeating stuff from the past.

And how long will it be before you break them ?

Never !!!