CackBlabbath’s Top albums of 2013

It says something about the quality of the musical delights that 2013 has turned up, along with the differing tastes of the team, that we’ve agreed on very little come end of year list time. There are a few names that pop up on more than one list, but for the most part we’ve each come up with 10 equally worthy, but almost completely different, lists.

The results have been collated and fed into the supercomputer, and the results are in…

voivod_target_earth5. Voivod : Target Earth

“The first thing that strikes you about Target Earth is that far from being a mess or a cynical cash in, is that it is an often thrilling, never less than interesting addition to a terrific canon of music by the venerable Canadians. It’s a proper Voivod record. This in itself is something to note and, indeed, celebrate. Moreover, what strikes one is just how easy and effortless they make this all seem. I mean this sincerely: let’s be fair, the music that Voivod make is often difficult, obtuse and, at times, willful. Target Earth is heavy stuff- sonically and thematically- but it also has a songwriting class and ear for melody that is used effectively across the record. Daniel Mongrain’s guitar playing seems tailor made for this band- his efforts across the record are, by turns, vicious, incisive and, remarkably, packed full of the strange otherworldliness that Piggy made his own on Nothingface or Dimension Hatross. Caps well and truly doffed, then.”

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AmonAmarth-DeceiverOfTheGods4. Amon Amarth : Deceiver Of The Gods

“If there was just one word to describe Amon Amarth, it would be consistent. Over the last two decades they have drove the band forward, producing nine studio albums in this time all of which follow the Viking themed melodic death metal they have become best known for.

Deceiver Of The Gods is another record which tells tales of brutal battles and Norse mythology and is the follow up to the 2011 Surtur Rising.”

“Deceiver Of The Gods kicks off with the title track, which is a strong effort featuring catchy riffs and a powerful chorus. Things only get better with following track, “As Loke Falls”. It’s here that we get to hear Johan Hegg’s throat growls in full force, which is arguably the main element to Amon Amarth’s distinctive sound.”

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carcass-surgical-steel3. Carcass : Surgical Steel

“Carcass certainly haven’t forgotten how to write Carcass songs and the production is reminiscent of their back catalogue. A lot of death metal sounds very cold and calculated these days, and indeed the genre lends itself to the thudding repetition easily afforded by pro tools, but there’s a bit of heart in ‘Surgical Steel’. It has a natural and almost live feel to it and it’s not too polished or perfected.

Surgical Steel is the mother of all comebacks. It’s impossible to pick put highlights when the whole album is just spectacular. Carcass have returned with an album that effortlessly recaptures the magic of their legacy. It blows any other death metal from recent times out of the water; simple as that!”

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Watain+-+The+Wild+Hunt+-Alt.+Front2. Watain : The Wild Hunt

“Watain have once again proved that to be a black metal band does not mean you have to be trapped in the generic tar pit that seems to have captured so many of their contemporaries. Watain are on a mission to rescue a genre, hell to redefine a genre and bring their take on black metal to the masses.

This may be a bold statement to make in August, but here at CackBlabbath there is a very strong feeling that The Wild Hunt is a major contender for album of the year.”

Well you know what, Chantelle wasn’t wrong…

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Ghost BC - Infestissumam (Deluxe)1. Ghost : Infestissumam

Now I know that Ghost aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and for many the image is as divisive as the music, but when it came to the sharp end of our album of the year list, our Swedish top two were separated by the narrowest of margins. Regular visitors to these shores in the past 12 months and still, in spite of fervent on-line speculation, shrouded in mystery Ghost’s ethereal, esoteric music is as much 80s pop as it is modern metal but it just works.

Is it all style and no substance? Is it coincidence that Pope Benedict resigned just as Papa Emeritus II appeared to front Ghost? Who are those nameless ghouls ?? Who cares !! Infestissumam is’s album of the year for 2013.

So there.