Rob’s Top 10 Albums of 2013

Well, everyone says this every year but it has been a cracking year for music. I’ve had to leave off a few from this list that’d I’d never have dreamt I’d miss out. Here goes then…

soulfly savages10. Soulfly ‘Savages’

Un-Dos-Tres, it’s another Soulfly album. A good one too, helped along nicely by the inclusion of Clutch’s Neil Fallon and Napalm Death’s Mitch Harris. You always know what you’re getting with Soulfly but this one is definitely one from the top drawer.

9.  Teenage Casket Company ‘Still Standing’

This one appears in my Top 10 simply for the feel-good factor. I mean, the songs are awesome but it’s a proper feel good one this is. It’s been a while since these guys were around but by my reckoning this is the best they have ever sounded.

8. Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals ‘Walk Through Exits Only’

Phil has quite a few strings to his bow; they’re all pretty heavy ones but this is a particularly nasty effort. His first solo album has more in common with Superjoint Ritual than the groove of Pantera or the stoner doom of Down. He’s got the bit between his teeth and he’s not letting go on ‘Walk Through Exits Only’. Hopefully we’ll get to see some of this live in 2014.

7. Mutation ‘Error 500’

Ginger Wildheart, Shane Embury, Merzbow and others making a whole load of delightful racket. A bit of a heavy one compared to Ginger’s recent work and all the better for it. Amazing to think that Ginger has been behind the ultra-pop Hey Hello and this ugly beast in the same year!

6. Amon Amarth ‘Deceiver of the Gods’

Amon Amarth opened up their writing a little on this one to accommodate a few different styles. Notably they let a little thrash into the mix which made sure it wasn’t just another Amon Amarth album, but a great one.

Wet Nuns5. Wet Nuns ‘Wet Nuns’

After some hard work up and down the country, Wet Nuns finally unleashed their debut album to the world in 2013. It will also be their last one too as they split up before it even came out! A 30 minute blast of prime blues punk! Just don’t expect them to appear on the Big Reunion.

4. Vista Chino ‘Peace’

Another comeback album. Vista Chino do no harm to the Kyuss legacy here. There are some direct Kyuss style songs and some that take you by surprise. It’s all good though!

3. Windhand ‘Soma’

Windhand’s previous work had somehow passed me by. When I got hold of this album I had to go back and listen to it all (OK it’s not a huge back catalogue, but you know…) there and then. A melancholy but beautiful doom record.

2. Monster Magnet ‘Last Patrol’

‘Last Patrol’ is lacking the big riffs and all out rockers of a lot of recent Monster Magnet output but as a standalone album it works a treat. Harking back to their earlier drug/space rock sound; it’s a laid back dreamy album that reeks of vintage. The hand painted album cover sums the album up pretty well.  A class piece of work all round.

Carcass Surgical Steel1. Carcass ‘Surgical Steel’

I’ll be first to admit that I didn’t think they could pull this off. I’ve been listening to Carcass for most of my heavy-loving days (apart from the early years when I just listened to Bon Jovi and Metallica) and their back catalogue holds a special place in my heart. They couldn’t come up with anything to rival it could they?

Well they managed to come up with the most perfectly pitched comeback album I’ve ever heard. It’s a stunning record that wraps up everything great about Carcass.

They smashed it!