The Treatment : Running with the Dogs

The Treatment CackBlabbathThe Treatment have come a long way since their beginnings as a teenage stripy jumper wearing lot. Sharing stages with the likes of Motley Crue and Slash prompted a fairly radical makeover into a denim and leather rock’n’roll machine.

Of course, this transformation is not just based on an investment in a few studded leather jackets. The Treatment have put plenty more swagger into their music too and that’s a trend that has continued here on ‘Running with the Dogs’.

The Cambridge crew kick off their sophomore album in style with ‘I Bleed Rock n Roll’. are no strangers to The Treatment live show of late and we’ve heard this one a fair few times already. It’s a perfect party anthem that Airbourne or Buckcherry would be proud of. A crunching riff, hooky chorus and generally it’s the soundtrack to mass headbanging.

It’s a trick that The Treatment pull off again and again on ‘Running with the Dogs’. Mixing up hard rock and hair metal attitude; the band aren’t here with any serious environmental or political concerns. This is a wrecking ball of an album, as described in ‘Get The Party On’, which is only concerned in getting some heads banging and some beers flowing.

Influences are displayed with pride. ‘Emergency’ has an Angus Young derived towering intro, a Crue-style bouncing bass riff and some make-up free Kiss pop-punch in the chorus. It’s all delivered with heart and precision however and The Treatment stamp is applied by frontman Matt’s raspy standout vocals.

Has it been done before? Yes, of course it has, but there will always be a need for this sort of music while there is still a Saturday night every week.  Just because AC/DC have written a feel good rock’n’roll album already, it doesn’t mean nobody else is allowed to.

Not that The Treatment were asking for permission…