Thorun : Festival At Fires Peak

Thorun - Festival - CackBlabbathFor a short while it looked as though ‘Festival at Fires Peak’ would be the last release from Thorun. With the loss of guitarist Jonny a few months back it seemed that the band were to call it a day on Thorun and possibly do something different with what remained of the band. After a rethink, and the addition of a new guitarist, Thorun have thankfully decided to continue. Therefore ‘Festival at Fires Peak’ is the third release from the Cardiff instrumentalists, which sounds better than “The final release…”

Over the course of their back catalogue Thorun have dealt out their fair share of mountainous riffs. Previous effort ‘Chorus of Giants’ unveiled their penchant for doom-laden riffs of a monumental scale for all to see. This latest release is not simply more of the same from Thorun however…

‘Festival at Fires Peak’ sees Thorun taking a real step forward. What we have here is still riff-driven instrumental stoner rock, but on this release there’s so much more encompassed into that sound.

Taking at least one pointer from instrumental heavyweights, Karma To Burn, the title track/opener has a riff that guides you through the song. The best instrumental tracks are the ones where you forget that people with voices exist. When the gallop of the bass and guitar lines almost tell a story themselves; that’s when it works. It’s something Thorun have embraced on a whole new level on this release and it makes this an awesome piece of work.

‘Festival at Fires Peak’ mixes things up a little more than before too. Where ‘Chorus of Giants’ was made up of a long line of stonewall doomy riffs, here things are always changing. There are still some big old trudges through doom country, such as on ‘Growth of the Soil’, but even this has an eruption of widdly guitars and plenty of time changes to keep you on your toes.

‘You Dig’ is a short sound bite led track that provides a quick break before the epic ‘The Knarr’. A lengthy slow builder that stretched past the ten minute mark but never outstays its welcome as there’s plenty going on.

Finally, ‘The Bitch Leaving the Body’ finishes of the release with some Red Hot Chilli Peppers funk worked alongside some big ploughing riffs. Another great example of Thorun spreading their musical wings that bit further.

‘Festival at Fires Peak’ is the most well rounded Thorun release to date. It’s not a massive departure from the band’s sound; it just has a few more bells and whistles to boast about. Great stuff!