Savage Messiah Live in Nottingham

Savage 01Savage Messiah were late additions to the Soulfly tour, but it gave our first taste of London’s rising stars for 2014. We won’t get to see them again for at least another two weeks (at Hammerfest) so we got down early to support some proper British metal. As did a lot of the Nottingham crowd, which was good to see.

We like Savage Messiah here at CB, but don’t just take our word for it. The band come highly recommended from thrash super-legend, Max Cavalera, too. He told CB prior to the show that he “Loved the thrash music and clean vocal combination…I’m a big fan”

So there you go…

Hitting the stage to some 80’s power ballad instead of their intro music started the show with a little bit of a falter, but it didn’t last for long as the band ripped into their set and immediately started winning over the Soulfly faithful.

Working the stage was off the cards from the start. The small basement stage was filled with Max and co.’s equipment leaving an area roughly the size of a postage stamp to occupy. Not that it bothered them. They ploughed through their set and had horns aloft and heads banging throughout the crowd.

Savage 03Latest single ‘Hellblazer’ had an airing but there were some older favourites too as the band finished with ‘Insurrection Rising’. We were also graced by a visit from the Pope who jumped up onto the barrier during the close of the set. He didn’t look too well, but good of him to show his face. This new one is really pushing the boundaries!

Another great show from Savage Messiah which will have them warmed up nicely for their own tour and their upcoming festival slots. With the new album due out next week it all looks set to be a good year for this band.