Afterlife Live at Hammerfest VI

Scotland’s Afterlife inhabit the part of the metal universe that is “classic rock”. This is shorthand for big songs, big guitars and big choruses. Whether it’s songs about Sparta, the Scottish Independence question, (the suitably anthemic “Raise your Fist”) this is hard rock hewn from finest Scottish granite, smoothed by Kentucky bourbon and delivered with a consummate professionalism and efficiency that you can’t fail to be impressed by. There’s is an expansive rock, continually in search of the bigger riff and bigger chorus because as any fool know, this is THE quest that all rock musicians should be on. I’m not sure who did the scheduling but this felt like an act that could have been on much later in the day, bringing their songs of hope and expectation to the masses. This is a band with ambition, something to be applauded and encouraged. Solid stuff.