Dead Existence Live at Hammerfest VI

Dead Ex 02Amongst a Hammerfest line-up leaning heavily towards the Thrash and Death side of things, Dead Existence delivered some Sludgy Doom to mix things up. In fact, they didn’t just provide a welcome bit of variation; they played one of the best sets of the weekend.

Now, you may read that accolade again in’s reviews of Hammerfest VI, but as far as this member of Team CB is concerned, they did play the best set of the weekend. Other members of the team may well pick something different. In some cases, very different…

Monstrous jams of slowly churned sludge slow the tempo down on Hammerfest’s second stage to a crawl. Dead Existence bring all the noise with lots of screeching feedback punctuating the crusty riffs. It’s not all one-paced however and Dead Existence regularly erupt into a frenzy which is reminiscent of EyeHateGod at their most effective.

The crowd nod along, almost hypnotically, which occasionally moves into a headbanging session in the more immediate parts. Frontman, Jake, has the roar of a man three times his size and his stage presence is eye-catching as he circles the middle of the stage, smashing the microphone into his forehead and delivering parts of the set facing his drummer. He has a mighty fine pissed off face too, check the photos!

Dead Ex 09He’s not the only point of focus, for example the bass player looks like a homeless Rob Zombie, but he is a cracking frontman for this type of band.

The band attracted a healthy turnout, including the resident stag party who started a Hardcore Championship bout in the middle of the crowd. Giant Gonzalez taking down Mankind to take the belt led to some unfitting cheers at the end of the set, but it took nothing away from the band.

Dead Existence have been playing support slots to lots of big doom names such as Conan and Iron Witch lately. It’s CB’s first time seeing them, but judging by this Hammerfest performance, Dead Existence are definitely a band to keep a look out for.