Death Valley Knights Live at Hammerfest VI

Death Valley Knights Live at Hammerfest VI 21Thursday night at Hammerfest VI was, as is the tradition, a mixed bag of styles and genres. That’s one of the great thing about the event though, there’s none of that pointless genre purism that pollutes other festivals. We’d had the proper classic Thrash of Anihilated, which had certainly hit the spot, and the task of following them onto the stage fell to the band who are, if you believe the hype, the next big thing of the London metal scene.

There was certainly a buzz building up by the time Death Valley Knights came on stage, and they blasted through a crowd pleasing exhibition of straight up Heavy Metal which channeled a proper old school vibe.

Death Valley Knights Live at Hammerfest VI 1The beer was flowing and the Death Valley Knights were dealing the trad metal riffs thick and fast. People who don’t make the effort to get to the Thursday night Hammerfest party always miss out and 2014 was no exception. It’s always great to see a band who know how to please the crowd, and as memorable festival cover versions go throwing in Accept’s Balls To The Wall certainly got heads nodding.

And a special salute to the crowdsurfer in the sombrero… wonder what sort of state he was in the next morning.