Oaf Live at Hammerfest VI

It’s Saturday and it’s barely lunchtime. We’ve now been at Hammerfest for two days, giving it large. No one wants to get out of their pits and watch a Metal Hammer journalist and his best school mate play punk songs do they? Err, actually, yes they do. A large and very happy crowd are here for Brighton’s hardcore and dart loving Oaf.

Dom Lawson (the aforesaid Hammer journo) is a smart man. Beneath the exterior of a “I don’t really care about this” is a man who, when all said and done, cares an AWFUL lot about “this”; he cares about heavy metal, heavy metal fans and making music that is as scaborously witty as it is infectiously catchy. Lawson is a relaxed and engaging front man too- his between songs banter warm and friendly, even when nursing a cider hangover as wide as Somerset. Songs like Joey Deacon Blue, Fuck Off Seagull, Wash Your Faith in My Think are loud, juvenile, obnoxious and very, very funny.

Intelligent lyrics, smart melodies and a rapier wit: this is punk wrong according to Lawson. If this is wrong, who wants to be right? Cracking stuff.