Defy All Reason Live at Hammerfest VI

DefyParty night at Hammerfest always manages to bring an eclectic bill together. This year is no different and following on from the traditional metal tones of Fury comes Defy All Reason.

The Wrexham four-piece were a little concerned that they didn’t fit in on the Hammerfest bill and that they weren’t heavy enough for the metal hungry crowd. While they aren’t the heaviest band to play the festival; they have plenty of ballsy riffs to get heads banging and their hard rock slots in perfectly on a beer-fuelled night.

The band certainly pull out the stops for their Hammerfest show, with their sound coming across a lot beefier in the live arena than on record. Frontman Gavin has a little Southern groove in his voice that places Defy All Reason a little closer to the Mississippi than the River Dee; tonight that comes across all the more evidently. Whilst his stance is from the Hetfield guide book he verges into Chad Gray territory for the vocals (him out of Hellyeah!). Pretty cool!

The band play a good blend of hard rock reliant on big riffs and strong vocal leads. A good pointer to their sound comes from a cover they slid into their set. Bon Jovi’s ‘Dead or Alive’ tells you where they are coming from and is also a pretty perfect soundtrack to the nights goings on. As for the best guitar solo in the BJ catalogue? Yeah, Darren pretty much nailed it!

Defy 02

The band finish up with their own ‘Blame it on the Luck and Rock ‘n’ Roll’ which is a proper rocker to bring down the curtain on the set. Perfect boozy festival music…

Defy All Reason need not have worried about their belonging amongst the Hammerfest line-up. They came across as a band obviously excited and “humbled” to be playing this show but damn sure making the most of it too. They’ve got an album in the pipework and they’ll be playing the sponsored Les-Fest this summer.

So it should be a good 2014 for this lot!