GloryHammer Live at Hammerfest VI

Gloryhammer Live at Hammerfest VI 6Hark! Hear ye! Look over yonder plastic pint glass and bear medieval witness. Can our bleary eyes be deceiving us? Nay, nay and pin a goblin’s horn on my self and call me Angus, thrice nay: verily the mighty GloryHammer have arrived on the darkened shores of Wales to regale us with tales of derring do, goblin hunting and more dragon slaying than you can, err, slay a dragon with.

A power metal band with the emphasis very much on the power (and the glory) of an imagined Scottish mythology have the main stage entirely in their grip. This was metal as spectacle, panto even, but done so well you can only doff your proverbial jousting stick at it.

Gloryhammer Live at Hammerfest VI 12A raucous, crowd pleasing and crowd involving set (stereo cheering? yes please) that revolved around their 2013 release, the extraordinarily bonkers Tales from the Kingdom of Fife album, this was as entertaining a set by any band across the weekend. You could be churlish and cock a snobbish snook at this type of music, accusing it of being silly and lightweight but, if you did, you don’t need to have a word with yourself, you need to have a 1500 word essay. It’s pretty clear that Gloryhammer are going down a STORM.

GloryHammer are a feast for the eyes and ears. They are so over the top they are doing somersaults, so absurd that they make Sabaton sound like Burzum. You just have to go with it: festivals are made for bands like this so, cast off your armour of cynicism, your helmet of scepticism and join the legions of the GloryHammer. You’ll thank me.