God Damn Live at Hammerfest VI

God Damn Live at Hammerfest VI 15One of the great things about Hammerfest is stumbling (literally) across a contender for your new favourite band. By Saturday evening everything is starting to merge together into one long metallic noise and frankly it takes something a bit special to stand out. The options on the main two stages should have been Monster Truck or Earthtone 9. As neither of those are entirely to my taste I headed to the outside bar for a pint..

Then I heard the nose from stage 2…

Prior to this encounter, I knew bugger all about God Damn who were a late addition to the bill replacing the aforementioned Earthtone 9. Sometimes you just know immediately that something is right, and I must admit I kinda took immediately to the two man infernal noise machine. Who needs more than two people !!!

As we need to have a label for everything we’ll call them Grungepunkthrashmetalnoisesludgecore.

God Damn Live at Hammerfest VI 11Think that pretty much sums it up. It ain’t polished and it ain’t pretty, but by god it’s fun.

The exact opposite of the polished retro-rock of Monster Truck, God Damn were rocking out to a sweaty, packed second stage, and getting a response a warm as anyone else managed on there. There’s nothing quite like a slightly unhinged two piece band, and there is nothing quite like God Damn.

Now we have something to fill the Wet Nuns sized hole in CackBlabbath’s life.

Yep… God Damn are ace.