Huron Live at Hammerfest VI

Huron Live at Hammerfest VI 5As you’d expect at an event like Hammerfest, there is a lot of Thrash on offer, the fact that the two headline bands were Overkill and Kreator just shows that old thrashers just keep on going.

Hammerfest also supplies a platform for the next generation of speed freaks, and on the Friday Plymouth’s Huron make a high profile appearance on the main stage.

After the excesses of the Thursday night party the band take the stage to a fairly sparse (and mostly hungover) crowd, but waste no time in blowing all the self induced cobwebs away as theydeliver their groove-edged Thrash with trademark attitude. They do seem to encounter the inevitable festival technical gremlins, but once those are vanquished it’s full steam ahead.

Huron Live at Hammerfest VI 11Huron have some great tunes of their own, but for me the highlight was an inspired cover version of a classic…

After a slightly convoluted introduction from Sean (something about a policeman stopping the van on the way to the gig) he came down into the photo pit to hand out some band merch to the (by now considerably bigger) crowd while bassist Rohan James took on the vocal duties for an awesome festival-singalong cover of Testament’s Into The Pit.

Memories are made of this !!!

Huron will be making an appearance at July’s Out Of The Ashes festival, and if you’re going to be there they’re well worth checking out.