Unleashed Live at Hammerfest VI

Unleashed Live at Hammerfest VI 10Unleashed… now there’s a name that takes me back a loooong way. Back to 1992 actually, when the band gave me my first real taste of Scandinavian death metal via their “Shadows In The Deep” album, a release I tracked down mainly because of a certain Venom cover.

Fast forward over 2 decades and the addition of Unleashed to the Hammerfest VI bill moved them pretty much to the top of my “must see” list.

Among the bands on the 2014 lineup, the pure Death Metal of Unleashed stood out. Preserved in amber, the band have stayed true to their proven recipe throughout their career, and judging by the swelling crowd as their stage time approached they were a popular addition to the bill.

Unleashed Live at Hammerfest VI 4While many of their contemporaries have moved and changed with fashion, Unleashed have never done that, bulldozing a route one path through the past two decades. Following on from the pomp of Gloryhammer and the classic rock of Monster Truck, Unleashed’s wall of sound was the first to loosen the earwax, with Johnny Hedlund’s rumbling bass threatening to loosen the bowels too !!!

Unleashed draw their influences from the Viking mythology of their native Sweden, you know what you’re going to get in a set that includes songs like The Great Battle Of Odalheim and To Asgaard We Fly.

They may have been around for a while, but Unleashed are showing no sign of slowing down or mellowing out. Their crushing masterclass in Viking Death Metal was one of the highlights of the more extreme delights on offering, and one which left the crowd battered, bruised and baying for more.

THAT’S what you call a Death Metal Victory…