Sworn Amongst Live at Hammerfest VI

It’s about 9 o’clock at Hammerfest’s second stage and a rare opening has appeared at the bar. This can mean only one thing, Sworn Amongst have stopped propping it up and are about to hit the stage.

Sworn Amongst Live at Hammerfest VI 8Hull’s finest are regular faces on the festival circuit and cackblabbath.online bump into them pretty regularly. They are always worth checking out though and tonight is no exception. Well into their Rockstar Energy Drink sponsored tour, they are tight and on damn brutal form.

Sworn Amongst blend bits of groove, bits of tech metal and the odd flourish of thrash but when all’s said and done, they’re just a metal band. A really good proper metal band, mind you…

The band smash through their set which includes some well-worn old favourites such as ‘Nowhere to Run’ plus some new stuff, which we’ll call new stuff as we didn’t catch the track names. With the line-up pretty stable these days, the band are a force to be reckoned with and Sy’s vocals and likeable stage presence as a frontman are a real asset to the band. Which is more than can be said about his throwing skills. As he dishes out the cans of Rockstar, that the band seem to have in infinite supply, nobody is safe, including the lighting rig!

Sworn Amongst Live at Hammerfest VI 5Being a well-oiled unit has other advantages too. Sworn Amongst have their stage moves down to almost boy band standard choreography. Not that there’s anything wrong with simultaneous and in-time windmilling hair.

All jokes aside, the band plough through a crushing and impressive set. As usual, proving that they are one of the best proper metal bands rising up through the ranks in the UK at the moment.