Druganaut Live at Hammerfest VI

Druganaut Live at Hammerfest VI 13Druganaut’s blend of low slung dirty riffage with a filthy overtone proved a very welcome addition to the Hammerfest VI lineup. There’s plenty of guile and energy their application of all things rock n roll. By way of example, Sex Face is a high tempo, greasy dirty mac of a riff that gets under your skin and resolutely stays there.

Druganaut do not care what you think about them; you get the idea that they don’t care what they think about themselves. You would be wrong; there is a clever insidious art going on here: it’s rough, tough and scabby. It reminds me of the south Wales valley’s boxing clubs of my youth: sweat, passion, endeavour. This is music where the underdogs make good, where the ne’er do wells start doing well. This is music striving for great heights. And often hitting them.