Holy Mountain : Ancient Astronauts

Holy-Mountain-Ancient-AstronautsWith a name like Holy Mountain, you would expect this band to be a doom-tastic tribute to Sleep, who’s ‘Holy Mountain’ album is just about the benchmark for all things heavy as hell in the doom market.

Although, not treading water too far from Sleep’s shoreline, Holy Mountain are a different kettle of fish. This is a far more upbeat record than anything Sleep have put out, so we’ll stop the comparisons to them from here on. Holy Mountain play some really loose feeling stoner rock.  There’s a captured live feeling to the tracks, some of it strays into jam territory and it’s far from over produced.

In the same way in which bands like Earthless and The Atomic Bitchwax make this sort of music seem like the most fun since the invention of beer; Holy Mountain carry a real boogie vibe in what they do. The essential big riffs are there for all to hear but there are keyboards, soundbites and that all important fuzz factor that keep the momentum up throughout the journey.

It’s a busy record with plenty going on. If ‘Ancient Astronauts’ is a journey through space; then it’s a high speed one with plenty of space debris and cosmic dust on the way. The album progresses into heavier and slower territory as it goes along, but retains a certain element of the upbeat right the way through.

It’s largely instrumental, but the odd wailing lyrics add to the dreamy soundscapes. It’s the riffs that count however and there seems to be an abundant supply on this record, and when the guitar solos take off in different directions it can get a little mesmerising.

This is about as close as you can get to instant gratification away from the mainstream; it’s the kind of music that induces the widest grin on your face as soon as you press play. It doesn’t wear thin however, there’s plenty going on in there to keep you interested for repeated listens.

Party music for stoners!