Sinocence Live at Hammerfest VI

Sin 05Things get underway on the first full day of Hammerfest action at the ungodly time of midday. Considering not everyone has made it to site yet and the excesses of the night before from those who have, Sinocence pull in a decent sized crowd.

The Highway to Hell slot winners impress with their melodic thrash that blow a few hangovers away and probably increased the intensity of a few more. It’s always a fine balancing act, but there’s always hair of the dog for those in trouble and Sinocence have a fair few pint pots raised in appreciation for their lunchtime racket.

The band have a thrash look and stage presence but there are more layers to this band than just raucous riffs and can-crushing anthems. As well as having a varied approach to their metal, Moro’s clean vocals make sure they don’t blend into the weekend’s pack of thrash bands.

Northern Ireland has a long history of great rock bands and it seems Sinocence are well and truly following that trend.

What a start to the day!