Overkill Live at Hammerfest VI

Overkill Live at Hammerfest VI 3The first of Hammerfest’s ‘Big 2’ of Thrash is Overkill. Closing the main stage proceedings on the Friday night, Overkill make sure everyone knows who’s headlining by bringing out all the Marshall amps, search lights and a headliner sized Pearl drum kit.

The large Hammerfest stage suddenly looks cramped for the first time this weekend…

A member of Team CB summed up Overkill pretty well earlier on in the day when trying to explain their status to someone unfamiliar with the New Jersey thrashers:

“You’ve heard of the Big 4? Well Overkill are part of the Big 10”

Hits the nail on the head really!

Overkill certainly look like a headline band and they do enough posturing and make enough racket to justify them being up there. They don’t have a universally recognised back catalogue to blow us away with though. ‘Rotten to the Core’ is one that everyone’s heard before and anyone who grew up on a diet of Headbangers Ball will recognise ‘Hello from the Gutter’.

Overkill Live at Hammerfest VI 2

Unless you’re a die-hard fan, Overkill are ones to swill your beer and bang your head to. Which is never that hard when it comes to thrash is it?

Overkill Live at Hammerfest VI 1

Bobby Blitz has a likeable stage presence as he jokingly challenges the crowd to a fight and unites us all under one flag for the intro to ’Ironbound’. He’s very quick to leave the stage for a quick top-up when his vocals aren’t required though. D.D. plays the set with a grin that tells you he still likes his job quite a bit! The whole band look the part.

The band pummel the Hammerfest crowd with their steamroller of thrash and they hold onto the late-night crowd until the end. It’s a good climax to the first full day but you get the feeling that tomorrow’s dose of headline thrash may just eclipse it.