Cypher16 Live at Hammerfest VI

Cypher16 (2)As Hammerfest is starting to feel human again after a couple of storming sets from Sinocence and The Bastard Sons, Cypher16 are next in line to give us some mid-afternoon metal.

Dressed all in black, they’re sporting a different line-up compared to last time caught up with them, but main-man Jack is still at the front so all should be well.

Cypher16 are a fresh faced looking bunch but they make one hell of a racket. They’ve always been hard to pigeon-hole and that’s part of their attraction. At first listen they seem to be one of the long line of tech-metal bands that are everywhere at the moment, but that’s selling them short by a long way.

There’s a lot going on but you can pick out some reference points in their music. The tech bits and the crunching melodic death bits may sound like a familiar concoction, but the clean vocals and industrial overtones push the band’s sound towards Fear Factory territory. Never a bad thing!

Jack gives us a very detailed tour diary of where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing recently which is all building up to the fact that this is the last show of the tour. The band sound tight and look relaxed as a result with ‘Giant Walls’ and ‘Lonely Road’ providing a perfect soundtrack to a Friday afternoon.

It’s all over too quickly however and the band are soon posing for an end of tour photograph with the Hammerfest masses in the background. Hopefully they’ll be back on the road soon!