GraVil Live at Hammerfest VI

GraVil have been making waves of late on the back of the awesome ‘Thoughts of a Rising Sun’ album and appearances at the likes of Download festival. They are one of the most anticipated bands on the Hammerfest second stage as a result, and they don’t disappoint…

GraV (4)

Once the two understated GraVil flags are strung up on the amps, the band hit the gathered masses with their brutal onslaught. There’s little room for respite in GraVil’s repertoire, even when the clean vocals take over from the throaty roar of Grant Stacey, there’s still a phenomenal momentum to GraVil’s business.

The band highlight what everyone already knows about Hammerfest; it’s a hell of a place to get to (but more than worth the effort, of course) with the introduction to the groovier ‘The Struggle’. They mix up some classic death metal with some more mainstream metal hooks with great effect. The overriding impression is somewhere between At The Gates and the heavier end of good old Mendeed’s output, and it sounds pretty damn good.

GraVil live up to the expectation and more. Now, let’s get them to Bloodstock!