Shrapnel Live at Hammerfest VI

Sometimes it’s not the big idea, the grand plan or the hubristic notion. Sometimes, it’s the little things. The ridiculous attention to detail. The Nike hi tops. The bass player with the Jason Newsted haircut circa 88. Above all: it’s the songs; the goddamn songs. Shrapnel are tighter than Bob Hope’s wallet. There is a stupid level of energy and excitement. There is self belief but no arrogance.

This is a lesson in falling in love with thrash metal again.

Norwich’s Shrapnel are the real deal. Yes, there is a bit of hype about them. So what? When you’re hearing thrash metal this good, the hype is not just deserved, it’s almost modest. Today Shrapnel are stupidly, outrageously good. Get into them now before they start selling out much bigger venues. Get into them now to say you were there. Get into them now because well, just because… Stunning.

The cover of Slayer’s War Ensemble is frenetic and furious with Metal Hammer’s Dom Lawson lending his not inconsiderable throaty screams. Watching them is a blessing, a bloody blessing.