Derision Live at Hammerfest VI

DerisionDerision are a band on one of the early shifts today. The second slot on the final day attracts some weary looking souls to spectate at Hammerfest’s stage 2. Derision look far from sluggish and let loose with their thrash derived battery.

Frantic thrash riffs, but with plenty of bigger metal sections and Tony Smith’s strained attack on the vocals make for a massive wake-up call for those still half asleep. Tony’s vocals carry some real anguish in them, they’re reminiscent of Kirk Windstein, but Kirk would have to be on speed to keep up with Tony. Musically, Derision cook up a real storm with big grinding grooves and choppy thrash riffs trading blows to get everyone’s head banging away

They smash through a set that takes plenty by surprise. Passers-by and those loitering around the bar and pizza place are helplessly sucked into the occasion. By the time Derision slow things down for Sabbath’s ‘Children of the Grave’ there’s a healthy crowd amassed and Derision have won themselves a fair few new fans this afternoon. have certainly been won over and we’ll be eager to catch Derision again when they’re passing by.

Derision are currently giving away their debut album ‘Ancient’ away for free at their Bandcamp page, so if you were as impressed as we were, go and investigate these guys further: