Halestorm : ReAniMate 2.0

Halestorm-ReanimateThey love getting ripped into a decent cover version do Halestorm. In 2011 ReAniMate: The CoVeRs eP neatly divided opinion, and 2014’s follow up, imaginatively titled ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP is destined to do the same. We love a good cover version though, and after their great take on Straight Through The Heart on the Dio tribute album This Is Your Life there was a great deal of curiosity at CackBlabbath about what Lzzy and the boys were going to treat us to this time around.

Dissident Aggressor may not be the most obvious Judas Priest track to cover and although Lzzy can certainly nail Rob Halford’s scream at the start it does go downhill fairly rapidly from there.

Not the best of starts then, but it’s a brief aberration and we’re soon on much firmer ground with a spot of Halestorm-ified Daft Punk, as Lzzy spits some venom into the omnipresent Get Lucky, a brave choice to cover given just how ubiquitous this song has become of late.

There’s a proper 80s glam-punk vibe running through Shoot To Thrill which sees Lzzy channeling her inner Sally Cato for a sleazy take on the AC/DC standard. Covers EPs are all about having fun for both the band and the listener and here Halestorm absolutely hit the spot, and what they did to Dissident Aggressor is no more than a distant memory.

Things stay on a high with Hell Is For Children which is a lot more restrained than you may expect, and a lot better for it with Lzzy proving her versatility with a proper Benetar-esque performance with a distinctive Halestorm edge.

Gold Dust Woman is the most faithful to the original track on here.  This whole EP is definitely an impressive showcase for the considerable vocal talents of Lzzy Hale, and it’s her ability to channel the source material, in this case Stevie Nick’s distinctive voice, carries the day as the band don’t mess around too much with the fundamentals of the Fleetwood Mac classic before they wrap things up  with Marilyn Manson’s 1996.

Covers EP’s are usually a mixed bag, and ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP is no different, expect divided opinions. Me, well I liked it, well 5/6ths of it anyway…