Maplerun Live at Hammerfest VI

Maplerun 05Greek alt/hard rockers Maplerun take to the second stage as a bit of an unknown quantity to the majority of the Hammerfest crowd. There are plenty of people around but nobody wants to commit to the barrier as they’re not quite sure what to expect.

Frontman Nick assures us “You can come forward, we don’t bite”, but nobody makes the first move, apart from the glass collector who seizes the opportunity to clear up the area usually crammed with bodies.

Maplerun are an energetic and a little bit zany band. They combine metal, punk and some genuine sounding hard rock together to realise their sound. Bass player (the other) Nick struggles to stand still and throws some big shapes with his instrument constantly. In fact they’re all eye-catching fellas, whether it’s the stage movement or intense grimaces; they’re a band totally focussed on their craft.

The crowd’s ears prick up when Maplerun slip a cover into their set. System Of A Down’s ‘Toxicity’ persuades a few people to show some willingness to participate in proceedings. It’s a pretty well suited cover for the band and it’s fair to say they nailed it with ease, especially vocalist Nick, who not only shares some similar mannerisms to Mr Tankian but also can do a great impression. They’re not the easiest vocals to copy!

It’s unfair to pinpoint the cover as the high point as the whole set is tight and hard rocking; but on the other hand ‘Toxicity’ is the bit that gets everyone excited.