Lost Society : Terror Hungry

Lost SocietyLost Society are set to return with their second album early this month. The Finnish thrash crossover outfit are about to let loose the ferocious beast that is ‘Terror Hungry’ through Nuclear Blast and you better be ready for it.

Spewing out endless thrash riffs that sound like they’ve been mashed together from ‘Kill ‘em All’, ‘Peace Sells…’ and…well you get the idea. There is certainly some 80’s thrash worship going on here, but it’s not a tribute album. Most of the riffs on here sound as though they’ve been ripped straight from the times when thrash was fresh and weathermen used fridge magnets rather than green screens. That doesn’t mean that this can’t be exciting however.

In fact, there’s a lot more to this than a thrash rehash.

They may be Finnish, but Lost Society occupy both the Bay Area and the crossover rich New York streets sonically. Samy’s vocals resemble barking dog and the album is a rip-roaring verbal dressing down from the frontman. The hardcore and punk leap out from the sea of riffs in the vocals and the often fragmented solos.

The magic with Lost Society isn’t working out what genre they belong to or which band from the dusty past they sound most like. ‘Terror Hungry’ is set apart from the pack (somewhere in the distance at the front of a dust cloud) because of it’s devastating speed.

Everything is done at frantic pace. The riffs are turned out so fast that they sound like they’re going to implode on each other, the sentences in the lyrics don’t have time to finish before the next bomb-blast of anger comes flying around the corner and when the solos go off; they’re like an out of control fireworks display.

It’s this relentless approach that makes ‘Terror Hungry’ a phenomenal force and a thrilling listen.