Pendejo : Atacames

PromoImageHave you ever asked yourself the very important question.. “What would happen if Sepultura were forced to interbreed with a mariachi band?” I know it’s something we here at CackBlabbath think about a lot…

Well step forward Pendejo, a Dutch 4-piece that kick off their second album Atacames by trying to answer exactly that question.

And the answer is… pretty damn good.

Actually, they’re not called Pendejo, as there’s always a need for extra punctuation marks in a band’s name, technically it’s ¡Pendejo!, and although the band hail from the Netherlands half of the lineup trace their lineage back to Latin America from where they gather the familiar, traditional influences and blend them with no-fucking-about in your face heavy metal. Take one part route-one Metal riffs, one part tribal percussion and one part, erm, trumpet and chuck it into the mix with (and we’ll have to take the PR blurbs word for this, no one here speaks Spanish), “right-in-your-face lyrics in urban Spanish about the weirdest stories in life” and you get a thoroughly enjoyable racket.

The album has a great rough-round-the-edges sound that suits the music to perfection. It’s an old fashioned “live in the studio” job by Pieter Kloos at The Void Studio in Eindhoven and the fun that the band are having is, well, obvious. With the language difference I have no idea what they’re on about most (or actually all) of the time, but that doesn’t matter as Atacames is one of those albums that mostly just makes you want to jump around and punch things.. in the best possible way.

I’ll put a few pesos on Pendejo being an absolute fucking blast live too. Obviously I’ll steer clear of the racial stereotypes and instead leave you with this quote from the accompanying blurb (which seems to hit most of them)… Live Pendejo “puts on a show for anyone who is not afraid to be grabbed by the cojones and to be thrown into a spicy puddle of chile con carne”.

Oh, and the englush translation of Pendejo is either “stupid” or “pubic hair” depending on which bit of the internet you believe.