Savage Messiah : The Fateful Dark

Savage-Messiah-The-Fateful-DarkWhen Savage Messiah made their Earache Records debut with ‘Plague of Conscience’ a couple of years ago, it was warmly welcomed in as a great example of British Heavy Metal etc. from all corners. In fact described it as “Just top-notch British Heavy Metal”. It was a solid slab of shredding metal with a definite traditional flavour running through it.

No problem at all with that, except you couldn’t help but feel Savage Messiah were arriving a little bit late to the party. We’d already had Evile relighting our thrash taste buds for a while and bands like White Wizzard and Rival Sons were churning out the more traditional stuff by the bucket load.

With ‘The Fateful Dark’ Savage Messiah have well and truly stuck two fingers up to anyone who thinks bands need to be part of a scene or a “New Wave…” to make an impact.

Seemingly unaffected by whatever is going on around them, they’ve come back with yet more shredding goodness packed with thrash and traditional heavy metal flavours. Also, for anyone who thought the last album was their best stab at going anywhere in this business, ‘The Fateful Dark’ steps things up a good few notches.

This is Savage Messiah’s best material so far. The competition between the two axe-men has generated a riff-filled album that stands up to any of the big thrash bands. There are some real steamrollers on here; check out the intro to the title track. Dave Silver seems to have more confidence in his vocal range as he skips between some Halford-style piercing screams down to a commanding deeper vocal. The whole band sound tighter than ever…

‘The Fateful Dark’ is a proper album too. No filler included; it’s an album you can sit down and listen to from beginning to end, several times over. The aforementioned title track is a slow-burner allowing the riffs and solos to hit hard but for every slow and heavy number there’s the fast one waiting around the corner. ‘Hammered Down’ has a more reckless pace to things and ‘Hellblazer’ has more crunch in the riffs than a motorway pile-up.

If you get the extended version you’ll get some cover versions too. Savage Messiah’s take on Iron Maiden’s ‘Be Quick or Be Dead’ is the pick of the bunch here. It’s not the most obvious Maiden track to choose, but again let’s Dave get his air-raid siren vocal out the bag to give Bruce a run for his money.

Savage Messiah just keep on getting better. ‘The Fateful Dark’ is a superb effort from these guys. CB seem to catch up with this band on the live circuit at almost stalker-like intervals but it just goes to show that they’re putting the work in on the road, and now they have a fantastic record to promote out there. They’re one of the best bands working our shores that don’t have an average age that’s pushing fifty. Everyone should want to hear and go out and see this band.